Pure Aero Rafa Unstrung


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If, like Rafa, you are determined to fight for every point, this second-generation Pure Aero Rafa tennis racquet is made for you. More radiant and dynamic, this racquet was designed with Rafa, for Rafa. A few grams lighter (290 g), with a more head-heavy balance and a more open string pattern than the Pure Aero, we created this racquet to give you more distance and weight behind the ball, pushing your opponent back and wearing them down in every rally.



Nail every shot and keep your opponent running between the four corners of the court. The Pure Aero Rafa offers unparalleled results. Thanks to its impressive stability, this tennis racquet allows you to fully engage with the ball. Featuring the Woofer System, a head-heavy balance, and a more open string pattern than the Pure Aero, this tennis racquet will give you more weight behind the ball to push your opponent back and dominate every rally.


Send your rival back behind the baseline and boost your power with the new Pure Aero Rafa tennis racquet. Specially designed with a stiffer frame and a more head-heavy balance, this racquet will help you set the pace on the court with powerful shots.


A blast of sound, radiating raw power, for greater sensations on impact.


An aerodynamic frame integrating the bumper and grommets increases your racquet head speed and spin generation.


A new string pattern featuring spin grommets positioned at the top and bottom of the racquet head enables the strings to move more freely creating greater spin. The Woofer system increases the contact time between the ball and strings for improved feel and more control.


Head Size645 cm²
Weight (unstrung)290 g +/- 7 g
Swing Weight297
Stiffness (RA)73 +/- 3
Recommended StringRPM Blast / RPM Rough
Recommended GripSyntec Pro
Length685 mm
Balance (unstrung)330 mm +/- 7mm
Stringing Pattern16/19
Tension Recommended23-27 Kg
Strung / UnstrungUnstrung

Grip Size

1, 2, 3, 4

Strung / Unstrug


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