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The Babolat Technical Viper padel racquet unleashes power with precision for attacking high-performance players. Strong players with excellent technique will take their game to the next level with the Babolat Technical Viper padel racquet. This version improves comfort without sacrificing power or control.

Try the Babolat Technical Viper padel racquet if you’re ready to strike and win from any area of the court.

Become a TECHNICAL STRIKER. Nail the three-metre smash from anywhere.

Team BABOLAT pro players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted.

Usage advices

Instructions for use of your padel racquet safety strap

Our BABOLAT padel racquets are fitted with a safety strap which is standardised and compulsory according to the regulations of the International Padel Federation.
Its role is to prevent a potential incident by holding the racquet should it involuntarily slip out of the player’s hand.
The safety strap was designed exclusively for this function. Any other use, such as repeatedly dropping the racquet voluntarily during a rally, is likely to cause the premature deterioration of the strap which could lead to its separation from the handle.

Storage and maintenance instructions for your BABOLAT padel racquet

To ensure the longevity of your padel racquet and the preservation of its properties, we recommend to:
– Store it in a dry environment, away from direct sunlight and intense heat;
– Do not expose your rack to major temperature changes;
– Maintain it regularly, in particular by drying it carefully after a game if is damp before storing it in a protective cover;



You needed power, we give you explosiveness. At the highest intensity, thanks to the combination of the carbon surface and the X-EVA technology, you will discover an explosive power unlike anything else. Make the difference and overpower your opponents.


Thanks to the hole drill pattern adapted to its diamond shape, this racquet will make your shots as decisive as a surgical strike.


The new VIBRABSORB SYSTEM² technology, Powered by SMAC, allows for optimal absorption of vibrations, thanks to a combination of elastomers that are integrated into the carbon fibers in the face and handle of the racquet.


A versatile system that allows players to customize strap size or completely remove the wrist strap.


Powered by SMAC technology, this system allows optimal vibration absorption thanks to a combination of elastomers integrated into the carbon fibers at the heart of the racquet. It also includes FOAM in the core of the racquet and/or elastomers in the handle providing optimal shock absorption.



Raised patterns on the racquet surface combined with a rough finish allows you to hit with more spin and increase control.


Player TypologyTechnical Striker
CompositionFRAME: Carbon
Thickness38 mm / 1.5 in
Recommended GripSyntec Pro
Head ShapeDiamond
Weight365 g +/- 10g / 12.9 oz
Balance270 mm
Type of CoverNo Cover

Head Shape




Player Typology

Air Striker

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